Monday, July 1, 2013

July Currently

Well hello July,  oh how I have been waiting for you!  I have a lot to look forward to this month so I am hoping that it goes by very slowly.  

Currently I'm listening to silence because my niece and nephew just left for the day.  As much fun as they are, it is so nice to be able to think whenever they leave.

I'm loving the books I am reading this summer.  I finished The Book Whisperer and am in the middle of Teach Like A Pirate.  My next book will be Drive.  I'm really trying to get inspired for the next school year!

I'm trying to think of some more activities I can do with my nephew during the summer.  He is six and easily gets bored.  He doesn't need to play on the computer all day so I'm looking into some fun ideas we can do together. Suggestions welcome!

It has been rainy and cloudy here a lot lately so I'm wanting more days of sun so I can get in the pool.

I'm needing to start packing for Belize so I don't get stressed out at the last minute.  Since it is a mission trip I have to pack specific things that I may have to go out and buy.  For example, we have to wear shorts that go down to our knees.  Many of my capris are thick denim and Belize is a hot place so I may have to go out and buy more more shorts.

My tip is to add photos to your blog posts.  Writing is great but to draw in a reader they want to see pictures of what you are talking about.  I know I am most likely to come back to a blog again when I've connected with someones pictures they posted.

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  1. Happy July! Sounds like you are enjoying your reading...what is Drive? I haven't heard of that one before. Enjoy your trip, I too am hoping for some more sun around here!
    Can't Make This Stuff Up...

  2. Hi Jamie, I am from NC too and am so tired of the rain! I hope that you have an awesome time on your mission trip!
    One Happy Teacher

  3. How about bake some cupcakes? That should work with any kid. :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners


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