Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Catching up on posts today, so here is my currently for this month.

I am currently listening to different playlists on Spotify.  Whenever I'm not in a certain mood I just turn on random songs. I'm always listening to something.

I'm loving that field day is tomorrow.  A whole day that I don't have to plan anything.  Now that is something to be excited about.

I'm thinking about what to do this summer because it will be my first free summer since high school. Every other summer I had taken college classes or worked.  A whole summer off should be pretty fun!  I'm looking forward to trips, laying out by the pool and just relaxing.

I'm really wanting someone to come to my classroom and clean it up.  I have my students clean every day but it is still left a mess.  I've also been way too busy to stay organized so I'm hoping to have a chance to get caught up here soon.

I need to get caught up on grades.  I have very few grades entered into the computer and still a couple assignments to finish grading.  Progress reports come out the end of this week so I have to get busy!

My Summer bucket list includes going on a mission trip to Belize, visiting Charleston for the first time and catching up on some leisure reading.

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