Friday, January 18, 2013

Snow Day Planning

    Today was supposed to be a required teacher workday but instead it is a snow day.  Silly me didn't believe the weather and didn't bring home any work to do.  In attempt to get something done I've been working on my Ancient Greece unit.  For each country I teach I usually go into the geography, daily life, religion and then go into more specifics from there.  I've noticed my students struggle with seeing how these different topics relate to each other.  For example, my students understand geography and how it impacts a country but how geography impacts daily life or religion is harder for them to see.
   For Ancient Greece I am planning on having my students tell a story about a person living in Ancient Greece.  To start out the unit they will be creating paper dolls that I found online and naming their character.  I am also giving them a brainstorming sheet to fill in throughout the unit that will help them later tell their story.  I am going to grade the story as a means of summative assessment instead of giving an open note test like I usually door.  I'm hoping this assignment will help my students think more critically and see the connection between each area they learn about.
   To find the paper dolls I'm using click here. If you'd like to see the story map I made to use click here.   What strategies do you use to help students think critically in the content areas?

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