Friday, February 15, 2013

Five for Friday Linky Party

   I just saw a new linky party called Five for Friday that I thought I'd join in on.

 My class has been very busy this week.  We began reading "Where the Red Fern Grows,"  started studying Ancient Rome and are trying to finish up the parts of speech.

   1.   I taped baskets that I got from dollar tree to the wall so that my students could play "grammar ball."  This is where I called a student up and gave them a word.  They had to decide if the word was an adjective or adverb and throw the ball in the correct basket.  My students are always asking to play now!

2. One of my students made this diorama of Ancient Greece for extra credit.    We will all miss studying Greece.  It has been a class favorite so far.

3. Yes, that is a snake around my neck.  We had "snake man" come this week to teach us all about snakes.  He helped students learn which snakes are venomous.  The students absolutely loved this and I had a great time myself.
4. This is a picture of the notes my students took on the first chapter of "Where the Red Fern Grows." Instead of buying a pre-made unit I decided to just review concepts that go along with each chapter.    Each chapter I give notes on a big idea and then have the students look for something while they are reading.  It has been working great and my students love reading this novel so far.

5.    It seems like all the sixth graders at our school have been pretty rambunctious lately and seem to be caring less and less about their grades.  Next week my teammate and I are breaking out the rules again and starting stricter consequences.  I'm hoping that something will change because I'm tired of repeating

  How are things going with your class this time of year?
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