Saturday, February 1, 2014

Currently February...

I'm thankful that it is February because that means spring is getting closer.  Since it is the first day of the month I decided to link up to Farley's monthly currently.

Listening: I am in love with the show Nashville on ABC.  On the last episode Scarlett made a single called "Black Roses," it is amazing! 

Loving: This week we had 3 snow days and a half day on Tuesday. I've had a lot of extra time to spend with my puppy Jack and I know he has been a happy boy.

Thinking: I had plans and copies all ready for this past week. For me to be perfectly planned out doesn't happen often so now I feel behind.  I'm super excited to be teaching Greece and finish up non-fiction so  I didn't really want to be out of school this week.

Wanting:  I'm in love with the book Divergent by Veronica Ruth.  It is one of the books I will be using in the literature circle units I am working on.  I am doing these circles with my AIG class and I've already let them pick the book out that they want to read.  Each group is reading some sort of science-fiction book that revolves around a dystopian society. 

Needing: Speaking of literature circles I really need to hurry and finish the activities I'm making for each book.  I'm putting together my own reading organizers and discussion questions for each of the books that are going to be read. I'm trying hard to include the critical vocabulary from the common core.  There is a book that talks about teaching these critical words, it's pretty interesting.  

2 truths and a fib:

Truth: I am happy to be gaining weight.  I have wanted to gain weight for as long as I can remember and somehow I have finally put on several pounds in the last couple months.  I know many people think the idea of actually wanting to gain weight sounds crazy but when you've always been underweight and finally break the number needed to give blood, then you are a happy camper.

Truth: I love mint chocolate cookies.  My mom found a recipe online that uses Ande's mints instead of chocolate chips.  I must say they are way better than any store bought cookies I've ever had.

Fib: I'm NOT sad that cheer season is almost over.  This isn't because I don't love my cheerleaders, it is because I can't wait to have more free time.  I've had enough of late night basketball games for this year.  Next week are playoffs and then our season will be over.

I'm going to finish reading Divergent. Don't forget to go link up to this month's currently over at Oh Boy, Fourth Grade!

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