Friday, July 27, 2012

My first shopping trip

Yesterday I went on my first shopping trip for my classroom.  I went to Stone's Education in Cary which was so big that I had no idea where to begin.  I had a $30 gift card to spend and a $5 off coupon so I was ready to spend a lot of time searching for things to decorate with.  I'm wanting to spilt my room in half and decorate one side with language arts content and the other with the country in social studies we are covering.    Since I will first be talking about geography I went ahead and bought a large world map to go on the wall.  This one also came with posters of the flags of countries in every continent.    I also bought a poster for descriptive words in language arts since I know how often students use the same adjectives over and over again.  Our team is the sea turtles so I went ahead and bought a couple sea turtle items.  I also bought a paisley border just because I love paisley and thought it would be good to use for a bulletin board displaying student work.  My ending total was $4.38 after my gift card and coupons.  I'm sure the next education store I venture into will leave my pocket with a lot lighter. 

After visiting Stones I went to Five Below and got these items for $14.02 total.   The duct tape was my favorite purchase.  I will have to start searching Pinterest for classroom decorating ideas.

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